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Welding Accessories Bundle



Automatic Welding & Grinding Helmet

Welding mode & grinding mode
• Long-lasting, environmentally-friendly power supply
• External and internal shade, sensitivity, delay time and grinding mode controls
• Photoelectric sensor technology with high-quality dual LCD and filter
• Reliable and safe arc protection
• Portable and balanced design
• Matt black finish
• Fully compliant with current safety and technical standards

16″ Welding Gauntlets

• Cotton & foam lining
• Protective gauntlet cuff, wing thumb design
• Kevlar stitching
• Tested & approved to CAT.II EN388 3144X

10″ Welding Clamp

Used as a temporary clamping mechanism when spot welding panels or for stabilising an object and holding it in place
• Suitable for loosening stubborn bolts and other fixed objects
• Turn screw adjustment
• Powerful locking action
• Quick release lever

Spring Handled Chipping Hammer