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Lithium Jump Starter/Charger (500A) Stock No: 15067 Part No: LJS136



Expert Quality, compact and powerful jump-starter/charger. Delivers a potent charge for emergency jump-starting vehicles up to 6L petrol and 2L diesel. Able to switch between 12V, 16V and 19V and fitted with a USB port and a work lamp with three settings; constant, SOS and flashing. Supplied with a padded carry case, smart jump leads, 4 in 1 multi purpose USB lead for charging mobile phones and tablets, set of 8 laptop adaptors with cable, also a 230V and 12V charging adaptor.


Starting current 250A
Peak current 500A
Battery 12Ah (LI-ion)
Dimensions 37 x 80 x 165mm
Weight 0.46kg