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  • Voltage230V
  • WelderMIG
  • Welding Wire Diameter0.6-1.0mm
  • Input Current32A
  • Output Range225Amp
  • Rated Duty Cycle35% @ 225Amp
  • Torch250Amp BINZEL® MIG
  • Wire Feed2 roll
  • Voltage Steps6
  • Gross Weight55 kgs

• Suitable for a wide range of welding jobs and widely used due to their reliability, these Jefferson MIG welders have a 35% duty cycle at rated output current and can weld without interruption for longer periods of time
• The range includes 2-roll and 4-roll wire feeder options and each are fitted with anti-dust protection
• Robust housing and complete with handle and castor wheels for manoeuvrability
• Jefferson AutoMIG welders should be fitted with the correct plug, failure to comply with this will void warranty
• Includes: Argon regulator, 3m earth lead, 4m 250Amp Binzel MIG torch



Welding mode & grinding mode
• Includes replaceable cover lenses
• Variable shades 9 -13
• Lens darkening reaction: 1/25,000th
• Long-lasting, environmentally-friendly power supply
• External and internal shade, sensitivity, delay time and grinding mode controls
• Photoelectric sensor technology with high-quality dual LCD and filter
• Reliable and safe arc protection
• Operating temperatures: -5˚C to 55˚C
• Portable and balanced design
• Fully compliant with current safety and technical standards

0.8mm 15kg Welding Wire

• Our SG2 solid wire mild steel welding wire is coated with a copper layer for high anti-corrosion
• Mild steel welding wire is widely used in ship, vehicle, bridge, engineering machinery and various other fields
• Mild steel welding wire is highly anti-corrosive, it uses CO2 gas shielded welding and widely applied in marine boilers, marine pipelines and marine cargo manufacturing industries
• Certified to CE 0035 14, EN ISO 14341-AG42 3 C1 3SI1, EN13479:2006

14″ Welding Gauntlets

• Red cowsplit leather welding glove with double reinforced palm
• Cotton & foam lining
• Protective gauntlet cuff & wing thumb design
• Tested & approved to CAT.II EN388 3144X